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2017-04-14 02:41 pm


Ending Livejournal account
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2007-10-11 09:25 pm
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I write not to praise Microsoft

 ...but I am much happier with Word 2004 than 1995.

This is not, however, because Word 2004 is so great, simply because 95 was garbage and always crashig on me. Even though I would save multiple times, whenver it crashed I lost all my saves.  And yes I had autosave on.

Word 2004 works. And it is a sad state of affairs that a program that simply works is filling me with joy that bubbles over.
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2006-06-24 09:02 am

New Home

Well I am still getting this journal set up and personalized so right now it is pretty boring. My entries are friends only, so that makes this look even more barren, but I'll get around to sprucing things up in a bit.